Gemstones, Energy and beauty

Their beauty secrets are unique, the luster captivates us and its vibrations provide us with energy.
Since ancient times, gemstones have been known for their charm and high value due to their physical and chemical composition, gems are associated with sophistication and luxury as they reflect social standing and a luxurious lifestyle. As for the energy produced by it, it is an ancient science that has developed with the civilizations and has increased awareness of it recently.

 Stones store cosmic energy from the earth, each stone stores a specific color from the different colors of the spectrum and each color has its therapeutic energy, and once the stone is placed near the human body, its effect begins Affirmative.

Therefore, we have to choose the appropriate gemstone for us that affect us positively when wearing it, which applies to the colors of clothes and outfits that can cause us sadness or happiness depending on their effect on us.

One of the ways to activate the energy of gemstones is to use them with natural candles, as candles are known to purify the atmosphere around us from negative energy, activate the energy of the gemstone, and give a beautiful and comfortable smell to the soul.
My collection of crystal candles is inspired by this science, to add a touch of positivity and vitality to your own space..

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