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Diamond Guide

by Shaima x Essam Jamal Jewelry

The world of jewelry is vast, and it is imperative to know the basics and learn the most important terms before purchasing. I am here to guide you on your journey to choose your diamond. The 4c’s and more information about diamond to know download the file from the link press here

The Muse

My jewelry simulates the modern woman and complements her practical lifestyle. I always think about the woman and her daily life: her routines, her details, her memorable moments, her achievements, and her memories.

Does she always work and pursue her passion?

Travels for business or adventure?

What is her social life like?

Her hobbies and sports?

I have always loved jewelry and was keen to collect designs worldwide to nourish this internal art. I chose it because it is the kind of art that accompanies me, reflecting my personality and feelings. It is different depending on how it is worn, and each person gives it a sort of beauty.

I find inspiration everywhere: in feelings and emotions, in people and friends, in my travels and books, and even in my imagination.

I collect what I like from precious stones and metals from my trips to international exhibitions to create unique pieces of value and meaning because I believe some pieces are meant to remain forever. It must be owned by every woman to reflect her personality, style, and preferences, and show her self-confidence by manifesting her way of thinking and subtle taste.

I dream that my jewelry becomes an aspiration for every woman to own and add to her beloved collection.

My Secret Garden

My love and affection for flowers, roses, and greenery have inspired my designs, and I dedicate them to nature in a new way, transforming it from wilting to permanence.


Geometric Rose

My geometric rose design was inspired by roses, which I consider to be my signature design. It symbolizes the modern woman, who has her spirit represented in the rose. Still, it has changed over time to become more practical to keep up with the fast-paced modern world. She studies and works to achieve her ambition in life. She also practices her sport and hobbies and enjoys her journeys. However, she still maintains her femininity within her, just like a geometric rose does.

Lotus Flower

It is a symbol of prosperity and purity, and it represents human life in many cultures. It is associated with the idea of a person rising from the lowest level of negative thinking, represented by the muddy and murky waters that produce these beautiful white and pink blossoms into a higher level of happiness and positivity. With marquise stones that resemble the distinctive lotus petals in shape, I have designed this collection to be worn by you and add to it your charm and glamor.


Lily Flower (Tulip Flower) – COMING SOON

I have used flowers in my designs and crafted them with precious stones to create my beautiful garden. Whenever I look at this garden, I remember my dreams, my achievements, and the time I have spent to pursue them to deserve this enchanting garden, and so do you!

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